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A simple “paghawi ng buhok” becomes special in a photographer’s perspective. Soon on crizeelong.com . Photo by @itswilmark. #casual #ootd (at University of Santo Tomas)

Star for the night @ainttouche

New office.. New workstation.. #work #instadaily #instablogger

Happy Sunday loves. Here’s a #wip I just finished inking. #characterdesign #illustration #art

What’s in my bag #tag! Okay, let’s do a fun blog tag (No beauty or fashion related items please). I am tagging @ilovereginetan @genzelkisses @paulinangeni @clairbellatv @kimlmendoza to do this tag challenge. Can’t wait to read your entries. Mine would be up in a few. 😊

Hello dinner!

Good morning loves! Grab your coffee and have a great holiday ahead. Xoxo - Zel ❤️

Art Wednesday for me because I’m stuck here at home. #dayoff #wip

It’s a buggy bug world out there. Practicing my perspective again (hope I got it right). #wip #sketch #characterdesign

It has been a year since the 2013 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future. I miss everyone so much. It was just like yesterday when we all flew to Korea to participate in this delegation trip.. Oh the memories~ hope to see everyone again soon.. #instadaily #instablogger #travel